Sandstorm Automotive powered by Mobil lubricants

Dubai, UAE, November 23, 2020 Sandstorm Automotive, founded in 2018, is a UAE manufacturer contributing to the country’s strategic vision of building a strong automotive industry focused on innovation and sustainable industrial development. Sandstorm Automotive’ s ambition is to take on the local automotive industry by storm.

Sandstorm Automotive recently announced a collaboration with EMA Lubricants Company Limited (EMALU), an ExxonMobil joint venture and the marketer of Mobil lubricants in the UAE. The agreement was signed by Sandstorm Automotive CEO Dr. Majida Al Azazi and EMALU General Manager Philippe Dupin.

As part of the agreement, Sandstorm recommends the use of Mobil branded lubricants for the first fill of their vehicles manufactured in the UAE, and for aftermarket needs to provide customers a trustable experience possible only with a highly recognized global brand such as Mobil.

The two companies will strategically leverage the other’s strengths to create a collaboration. Sandstorm Automotive, as the first Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the Middle East, offers vehicles designed to master the harsh climate and terrain of the Middle East and offer vehicle class-leading performance and value for its customers. Mobil brings its extensive global business experience in OEM, and its leading lubricants technology that protect vehicles even in harsh operating conditions.

“This collaboration benefits both our customers and our partners across the region and we are proud to be associated with a globally recognized lubricant brand such as Mobil.” remarked Dr. Majida Al Azazi.

Philippe Dupin also commented “We are excited to collaborate with Sandstorm Automotive, the 1st local OEM in the Middle East bringing our OEM experience and product & service technology to serve consumers and customers with a steadfast commitment to meet and exceed their expectations”.


EMALU is a joint venture of ExxonMobil and Gibca as exclusive Mobil branded lubricant manufacturer and distributor in the UAE. EMALU has been present for more than 35 years in the UAE and very active in the consumer and commercial segments covering passenger, commercial, and industrial vehicle lubricants. EMALU consistently strives to deliver high-performance lubrication solutions which provide improved energy efficiency, enhanced equipment lifetime, and productivity benefits.” Contact us if you are looking for a Mobil oil lubricants distributor in UAE.