About Mobil Lubricants

EMA Lubricants Co Ltd (EMALU) a GIBCA – ExxonMobil Joint Venture was incorporated in 1984 to market internationally renowned ExxonMobil lubricants, greases and specialty products in the UAE.

Our experience and attention to customer service meets international standards of ExxonMobil and offers professional supply and service to existing and new customers. EMALU is committed to provide cleaner energy/savings in energy by promoting ExxonMobil lubricants which are designed for the purpose.

EMALU caters to all market segments. It is committed to customers and offers proactive engineering support – a solution to help improve efficiency, reduce lubrication and operating costs resulting in substantial savings to customers. EMALU has right to blend ExxonMobil lubricants within UAE, which helps EMALU to efficaciously meet customers’ needs.

EMALU is ISO certified since 1996 and upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 in 2016.

ExxonMobil’s heritage and performance based experience in lubricants is unparalleled. The rigorous standards set for the ExxonMobil range of products are reflected by the many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) recommendations as initial factory fill and approvals of their products. Think Mobil Lubricants when looking for lubricants in Dubai or in UAE.

Principal Activity
The company’s principal activity is the trading, distribution and sale of ExxonMobil lubricants and corollary operations. The company has right to blend the ExxonMobil products in its JV plant MELUBCO (Middle East Lubricants Co. Ltd) in Jebel Ali.