Mobil Lubricants for Industrial Applications Recommended by Haitian Plastic Machinery

Dubai, UAE, September 2019: Haitian Middle East FZE and EMA Lubricants Co. have recently reached a new agreement covering the recommendation of Mobil lubricants to their customers when they purchase a new Plastic Injection Molding Machine. Using Mobil DTE 10 Excel and Mobilgear 600 XP series on key applications of the equipment provides an additional 1 year warranty benefit to the customer (from one year originally to two years with Mobil Lubricants) demonstrating a clear commitment from both parties to provide enhanced equipment lifetime and productivity benefits to the final user.

“This partnership for the use of the world’s leading industrial lubricants was inspired by the need to create an unparalleled collaboration which would benefit both our customers and businesses in the Middle East,” said Siva Sankar (Regional Sales Manager, Haitian Middle East FZE ). Both brands have strategically leveraged the other’s strengths to create a formidable partnership where Haitian leads the technology with enhanced productivity benefits to customers, while Mobil Lubricants bring its business experience in the industry.

From his side, Philippe Dupin (General Manager, EMA Lubricants Co.) said: “We are delighted to sign this agreement with Haitian Middle East FZE, clearly the market leader in terms of new machine sales in the region. Haitian technology leadership in the plastic sector is well recognized around the world and we are proud of associating the Mobil brand with a company significantly growing in this sector.”

Both sales teams have agreed to work jointly on numerous opportunities to ensure value delivery to customers. This is a promising venture to establish a strong presence in the UAE’s growing plastic sector.

About Haitian:

Haitian Middle East FZE is a subsidiary of Haitian Plastics Machinery Ltd., a world market leader in the manufacture of injection-molding machines for standard applications in the medium and top-of-the-line segments of the plastic processing industry. Application-oriented research and development, a range of fair market prices plus sustainable solutions – this is and has been our profession for more than 50 years now. Our steady focus is on innovative customer solutions for standard applications and the greatest production efficiency on both sides. We do this through the constant search for improvements in our own manufacturing processes, and by using energy-saving and uncomplicated technologies that concentrate on what really counts for our customers: low item costs, high efficiency, and optimal performance data over the long term. For more information, visit

About EMA Lubricants:

EMA Lubricants Co. (EMALU) is a joint venture of ExxonMobil and Gibca as exclusive Mobil branded lubricant manufacturer and distributor in the UAE. EMALU has been present for more than 35 years in the UAE and very active in the consumer and commercial segments covering passenger car, commercial vehicle and industrial lubricants. EMALU consistently strives to deliver high performance lubrication solutions which provide improved energy efficiency, enhanced equipment lifetime and productivity benefits.”

About ExxonMobil:

ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded international Oil and Gas Company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. ExxonMobil holds an industry-leading inventory of resources, is the largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products. For more information, visit